Welcome to Suite HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically) a newly formed non-profit. Founded by Makeup Artist Jeanna Doyle, Suite HOPE’s mission is to provide women with the education and support they need to address the changes in their appearance that occur during cancer treatment. Through Suite HOPE, women receive the means to optimize their physical being and esthetic qualities, thus empowering them to maintain a positive attitude from diagnosis through treatment and recovery, survivorship and beyond.

Suite HOPE’s website is designed to inspire and inform all women affected by cancer. Our program offers educational support, esthetic consultations and personal enrichment. Leading beauty experts and medical authorities also contribute to the website, which also showcases survivor portraits and inspirational stories. To further bring information directly to the patient, Suite HOPE participates in educational talks and live demonstrations at cancer seminars across the United States.

 The Suite HOPE program offers an exciting and innovative way to educate, inspire and support women battling a cancer diagnosis – the very women who have always educated, inspired and supported us.

We invite you to explore our website. Designed to be very user-friendly with many great features like, many of the articles are set up in a blog format to share with family or friends, and many of our images and colored-key phrases will take you to a corresponding article when clicked. Our goal is to help you become actively involved in Suite HOPE. Please share our information with a relative, friend or anyone you know who may benefit from our program.



Impact of Oncology Aesthetician Consult Service on Patient/Survivor Body Image and Relationship: A Qualitative Pilot Study Read more