When choosing a model to illustrate a makeup story based on cheeks and blush placement, Deanna was in a category all her own. Luckily, she is represented by The Campbell Agency, so one quick call secured our shoot with a personal favorite! Tim and I have worked with Deanna for years, with two California shoots in Palm Springs and Napa Valley, and many more here in Dallas.


Deanna is one of my very favorite people to be around! I knew Deanna had some Native American blood in her, but found out on the day of the shoot that her grandmother was 100% Cherokee. Deanna has most likely been gifted, in whole or in part, with her grandmother’s cheekbones, stunning beauty and an amazing spirit. All of these are traits that were very helpful in illustrating this story on blush placement. Deanna, Tim and I have worked together over the span of a decade, and Tim and I agreed she looks better than ever!

For this shoot, we were charged with the tricky concept of taking a single beauty photograph and then illustrating where to put the blush based on that one image. I originally wanted to illustrate this with blush drawn in the shape of an arrow, but drawing on blush proved trickier than we had time or budget to resolve. For one, it limited us to a specific angle in order for it to “read,” and the drawing looked more like drawing and less like a useful illustration.

 Luckily, the shoot was collaborative and Tim suggested we shoot some beauty shots first and then play with the idea of how best to illustrate the concept. We agreed our time was best spent taking the perfect beauty shot and using that image and Tim’s creative Photoshop illustration to get our point across in post-production.

With the relief of just focusing on shooting beauty, we were able to get some amazing shots and enjoy a day of once again creating beautiful images with Deanna. Above is an inset shot of Tim and Deanna at the shoot.

The final image, also above, should leave no doubt we made the right choice! If you click on the image, it will take you to the article. We would like to thank Neill Whitlock for the use of his studio in a beautiful historic building in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood.

AuthorJeanna Doyle

Ever wonder what went on behind the scenes, or what the idea and inspiration was for a fashion shoot? 

Having been privileged to be one of the insiders to the stories and inner working of so many photo shoots over the years with exotic locations, fabulous fashion, beautiful models and insights into the minds that dreamed them all up I realized through sharing some of those stories over the years that not many people have that information but most people seem genuinely interested in the making of a shoot or the story idea behind the image.
When designing the pages of this website we worked on things including the dreaming up and planning of the stories and the shots that would accompany them, scheduling shoots, booking models, gathering props and deliberating over the style of lighting ect. We wanted to offer our readers an inside look into our shoots. This will also provide us with a chance to give a narrative to what we trying to express with the photograph and opportunity to give credit and thanks to the participants.
 Check in here for each of our cover story and fashion shoot for insights to the ideas and a behind the scenes look into our shoots. Enjoy!


Having learned about Abigail’s story through my friend Stanton’s Facebook post, I wanted to have Abigail’s inspiring story on Suite HOPE to share with our readers. It was an easy decision to have Stanton photograph Abigail and write the cover story. He had already been documenting it so beautifully through his talent with words and the lens. I was able to coordinate the trip to Seattle and spend time with friends working on images that I am very happy to be able to share now with you.

Watching Stanton shoot Abigail was like being in the presence of an artist with his muse. Abigail was so beautiful before she even stepped foot near the makeup chair, and the wardrobe was all her own. (True, she is a neuroscience major but the fashionistas have nothing on her.) I could not offer one change, or for that matter, any input on the shoot.  It was like I had invited myself to be a fly on the wall of a great love story that was unfolding before my eyes, and although it was to be documented for all to see there was a beautiful intimacy between them.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes pictures of that session for the cover story and the before and after section. We ended the shoot with all three of us giddy with excitement about what we had just participated in, and then went to the wonderful Bastille restaurant in Seattle’s Ballard area.  www.bastilleseattle.com

To read more about Abigail’s story from Stanton go to Lamanchablog.tumblr.com, to view more of his photography go to www.stantonjstephens.com, and to read what Abigail wrote to the family and friends of our readers, click on this Family & Friends.

AuthorJeanna Doyle

Suite HOPE Founder Jeanna Doyle offers a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot that shaped Suite HOPE and serves as the website’s cover story.

I had not known my good friend Ruth for very long when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wasn’t sure what I could do for her or how I could help, and I came to the realization that not many people in that situation do. I knew I wanted to express my friendship and show Ruth my love and support. As a makeup artist with more than 20 years of experience, I decided I would ask her if she wanted to do a photo shoot of herself and her breast before her mastectomy changed both.

Cover Story

Cover Story

To my surprise, Ruth not only agreed but said she had been considering it herself but didn’t know how to make it happen. Like every woman facing surgery for cancer, Ruth had so many things she needed to do. The very act of scheduling a photo shoot would be very overwhelming for Ruth to put together on her own. I was so relieved that my suggestion was taken in the spirit I intended. I immediately called Tim Boole, a longtime friend and amazing photographer with whom I have worked for years. Tim graciously agreed to help us. I really wanted to give Ruth the uplifting and empowering experience.  I knew that the lights, camera and action of Tim’s studio would provide that for her. 

The shoot took place only days before Ruth’s surgery. I did her hair and makeup while her favorite music blared in the background and Tim set up the lights. It was just the three of us that afternoon. To this day, Ruth’s photo shoot remains one of my favorites. Although the reason for the session was a sobering one, the mood that day was one of celebration. Tim, Ruth and I were all there for the same reason: to honor Ruth and glorify the very symbol of her femininity. I wanted to give her the experience of being one of the many beautiful cover models Tim and I have worked with over the years. With fans blowing and lights flashing, that is exactly what we what we did. The results speak for themselves. (See cover shot and accompanying story.)


Shortly after Ruth’s surgery, I helped Ruth pick out a wig. I have a long history of working in corrective makeup, skincare and wigs.  Helping Ruth was an absolute pleasure. In fact, I found the process so rewarding that it brought me back to an idea I’ve had for almost 20 years to create an educational and esthetic support system for women undergoing cancer treatment.

In the weeks and months following my experience with Ruth, I considered the advice my friends, and now Suite HOPE contributors, Dr. Carolyn Muller  and RN, MSN, OCN. Kathy Maddocks gave me. The advise was to combine my love of makeup with the joy I have working with patients. The experience of helping my friend Ruth coupled with the guidance and support of Carolyn, Kathy and countless other friends gave me the courage to start Suite HOPE.


When I offered to help Ruth, I had no idea her photo shoot would turn out to be the cover, feature and launch story for Suite HOPE. At that time, Suite HOPE didn’t exist beyond a rough outline in my mind. I merely took the talents I have and offered them to support a friend in need. In return, I rediscovered my own passion. I urge you to do the same.

Drawing In Eyebrows

Drawing In Eyebrows

When choosing a model for the story on eyebrows, the first thing we needed was model with a beautiful face and good, strong eyebrows.  We wanted to illustrate a drawn eyebrow in a whimsical way while still giving the look of a beauty shot.  I turned to The Campbell Agency and fell in love with the images of Gabrielle. Peter John at The Campbell Agency agreed with our choice and said Gabrielle was so fabulous. We were thrilled to find out just how fabulous she was!

Excited to begin, we needed to figure out how to effectively showcase the idea of a beautiful eyebrow in one photograph.  I knew I wanted to use the color blue to illustrate the story. I wanted to keep the photography whimsical yet highlight the article’s subject. The trick was to tell the story without it looking comical. We also wanted a beautiful shot that could stand on its own without explanation. To do so, I called Tim Boole at Tim Boole Photography.

The day of the shoot, I met Gabrielle for the first time. We were both so excited about the story and the shoot. When I described to Gabrielle the shots would be used for Suite HOPE, she immediately said she worked for a non-profit organization close to her heart called Mothers Abandoned or Widowed and was working on a fundraising golfing event for its benefit. She is also newly wed and travels to the New York and LA markets working as a beauty and fitness model. I felt lucky to work with someone who not only works in an industry she loves but has time to dedicate hours to an organization about which she is passionate. A balancing act like that is not easy. She was so lovely to work with and was very focused on our shoot. It was clear watching her work that she was of a rare caliber of talent.

When I later began to edit the film from the shoot, there were hundreds of amazing shots. The rate of return in working with her was crazy in a great way! I have never had an editing session like it. Gabrielle changed things up. She was inventive and expressive, and she really gave so much of herself to this story. Above the results of the final shot as well insets from that day are pictured. The true meaning of teamwork could not be clearer than the shot of Gabrielle sitting on set holding up her own reflector – the same reflector on which we photographed the ladybug, which became our lucky little mascot that stayed with us the entire day.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Neill Whitlock, who graciously allowed us to use his beautiful studio, located in a great historical building in Oak Cliff. We hope you enjoy Gabrielle’s photos and accompanying story as much as we enjoyed shooting and writing it.

Wig Texture

Wig Texture

When selecting a model for the wig texture story, we wanted to use a girl that was both beautiful and memorable. After all, not everybody can pull off wearing a wildly-exaggerated wig.  I had a shoot date already set when I called my friend Peter John at The Campbell Agency.  I asked for a model I had picked out from their website, but she was not available. Peter John asked if he could e-mail me some photographs of a new girl he had just signed. With the shoot date already set, coupled with the fact that I am always looking for new talent, I agreed. Peter John sent me Vanessa’s snapshot, and I was sold. As soon as I could get Peter John on the phone, I booked her.

On the day of the shoot, I explained to Vanessa the shoot was for Suite HOPE. She immediately told me her mother had colon cancer, diagnosed while her mother was in nursing school. It has been two years since her mother’s diagnosis. Her mother is doing well and has returned to school. We wish her continued good health and success in school.

Vanessa also shared with me this would be her first shoot.  I was thrilled for Suite HOPE to be the job that helped launch her professional modeling career. With the use of eyelashes and a wig, she would be fully indoctrinated in the world of hair and makeup extremes!  The first thing I noticed about Vanessa was the she is very polite and a really good sport. Extreme wigs are not easy to work with from a shooting standpoint.  She did a wonderful job in front of the camera, and had a real subtleness about her movement and look.

Did I mention she is 17? In the inset shot with me moving her wig out of the way, I think she looks like Rachael Welch. Not only was Vanessa transformed by the wig and make-up, but we were only shooting her from the shoulders up. Dressed in jeans and sitting on a stool, Vanessa had to convey the idea of the photo shoot through facial expressions and body movement. It is not as easy as it sounds (or looks)!

Photographer Tim Boole, Vanessa and I worked together very well. I love the collaborative process of executing an idea with film.  Tim provided great direction to Vanessa. During the shoot, we stopped to upload images to the computer so we could see our results and give Vanessa valuable feedback as about what worked best for our needs for the shot.

Our idea for the shoot was to show an outrageously textured wig that illustrates the point of the article – that wig texture and the ability to camouflage the hairline and part are good things.  We wanted a wig that could stand up on its own through its texture alone, yet be so extreme but beautiful and whimsical at the same time. Vanessa’s lithe body and willingness to explore different expressions helped us execute this vision. 

We want to thank Neill Whitlock for the use of his beautiful studio, which also helped bring our idea to life.

To read the article, click on any of the images in this story. Enjoy!

Take a look behind the scenes and inside this month's foundation story featuring Suite HOPE model Alexis Garry photographed by Tim Boole.

               Foundation Story

               Foundation Story

Alexis Garry was such a pleasure to work with -- she is the kind of model you book for a job but want as your friend. Tim and I met her the day of the shoot. When I described to Alexis that the photo shoot was for a website dedicated to helping women who experience esthetic concerns during cancer treatment, I quickly learned that Alexis’s life had been touched by cancer in a profound way. Although she lost her father to cancer, her mother survived. Recently, her godmother was diagnosed with cancer as well. We send our best to Alexis's mother and godmother as well as their family and friends.

Alexis was very happy to work on this issue. Lucky for us, she is as professional as she is beautiful. The shoot was scheduled in Tim's Dallas studio, which required Alexis to drive from Oklahoma. A few miles from the studio, her tire blew. She quickly called The Campbell Agency, which immediately informed us that she had parked her car and hopped in a cab. Alexis arrived a few minutes later unflustered and ready to work. We appreciated Alexis's professionalism, which we find to be the caliber of talent at the agency.

We wanted to capture a beauty shot of a model with beautiful skin in a bra for the article, allowing us to literally and figuratively compare make-up foundation with foundation garments. In our minds, we wanted two things: to use a plus-size model and to incorporate a vintage bra. Although the word "plus-size" is an industry term, Alexis’s beauty transcends any category. Wanting to have a back up for the vintage bra we turned to Neiman Marcus Fit Specialist Jeany Turner who assisted us in finding a bra that, coupled with Alexis’s beauty, defined the essence of the shoot.  With hair like fire and skin like milk, Alexis balanced a sexy look tempered by a perfectly sweet expression. Tim captured our vision, illustrating the playful comparison between make-up foundation and foundation garments. 


 To read the “The Foundation Story,” click on the link for features. Enjoy!

Take a closer look behind the scenes of “Choosing A Wig Color", which offers tips for choosing a wig color and features Model Chloe Hundelt and photography by Tim Boole.

Choosing a Wig Color

Choosing a Wig Color

Chloe's young life has already been touched by cancer, as her grandmother was recently diagnosed. We send our best to her family. Chloe's mom brought her to the shoot because Chloe is still in high school. Chloe's outrageous beauty had her dad (who picked her up) sighing, smiling and shaking his head when I showed him one of the photographs of his daughter looking very grown up.

Chloe moves with the grace and subtleties of a seasoned professional. Watching her work was like watching theater. Her instinctual abilities require almost no direction or feedback, but she took both very well when offered.

The wig was not easy to work with. Synthetic, it was hot, uncomfortable and required a lot of fussing. Chloe stayed calm and very professional throughout the shoot. It was great to work with her and quite honestly just to watch her move and bring this shot to life.


For this article, we wanted to play against type by choosing an unusual wig color and making an outrageous beauty shot with it. Light lavender became an obsession. Unable to find the exact color and style in one wig, it became necessary to purchase the color and create the rest. The inset photo shows the wig in its original state. We spent hours reworking the wig; however, true credit needs to be given to Chloe and Tim for truly bringing this vision to life. Chloe wore the wig beautifully. Tim's lighting techniques and outstanding post-production allowed our vision to become a reality.



We also extend our thanks to Peter John and The Campbell Agency. As always, the experience of working with both was a home run. To read the article, click on Features and look for "Choosing A Wig Color". Enjoy!