Take a look behind the scenes and inside this month's foundation story featuring Suite HOPE model Alexis Garry photographed by Tim Boole.

               Foundation Story

               Foundation Story

Alexis Garry was such a pleasure to work with -- she is the kind of model you book for a job but want as your friend. Tim and I met her the day of the shoot. When I described to Alexis that the photo shoot was for a website dedicated to helping women who experience esthetic concerns during cancer treatment, I quickly learned that Alexis’s life had been touched by cancer in a profound way. Although she lost her father to cancer, her mother survived. Recently, her godmother was diagnosed with cancer as well. We send our best to Alexis's mother and godmother as well as their family and friends.

Alexis was very happy to work on this issue. Lucky for us, she is as professional as she is beautiful. The shoot was scheduled in Tim's Dallas studio, which required Alexis to drive from Oklahoma. A few miles from the studio, her tire blew. She quickly called The Campbell Agency, which immediately informed us that she had parked her car and hopped in a cab. Alexis arrived a few minutes later unflustered and ready to work. We appreciated Alexis's professionalism, which we find to be the caliber of talent at the agency.

We wanted to capture a beauty shot of a model with beautiful skin in a bra for the article, allowing us to literally and figuratively compare make-up foundation with foundation garments. In our minds, we wanted two things: to use a plus-size model and to incorporate a vintage bra. Although the word "plus-size" is an industry term, Alexis’s beauty transcends any category. Wanting to have a back up for the vintage bra we turned to Neiman Marcus Fit Specialist Jeany Turner who assisted us in finding a bra that, coupled with Alexis’s beauty, defined the essence of the shoot.  With hair like fire and skin like milk, Alexis balanced a sexy look tempered by a perfectly sweet expression. Tim captured our vision, illustrating the playful comparison between make-up foundation and foundation garments. 


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