Ever wonder what went on behind the scenes, or what the idea and inspiration was for a fashion shoot? 

Having been privileged to be one of the insiders to the stories and inner working of so many photo shoots over the years with exotic locations, fabulous fashion, beautiful models and insights into the minds that dreamed them all up I realized through sharing some of those stories over the years that not many people have that information but most people seem genuinely interested in the making of a shoot or the story idea behind the image.
When designing the pages of this website we worked on things including the dreaming up and planning of the stories and the shots that would accompany them, scheduling shoots, booking models, gathering props and deliberating over the style of lighting ect. We wanted to offer our readers an inside look into our shoots. This will also provide us with a chance to give a narrative to what we trying to express with the photograph and opportunity to give credit and thanks to the participants.
 Check in here for each of our cover story and fashion shoot for insights to the ideas and a behind the scenes look into our shoots. Enjoy!