When choosing a model to illustrate a makeup story based on cheeks and blush placement, Deanna was in a category all her own. Luckily, she is represented by The Campbell Agency, so one quick call secured our shoot with a personal favorite! Tim and I have worked with Deanna for years, with two California shoots in Palm Springs and Napa Valley, and many more here in Dallas.


Deanna is one of my very favorite people to be around! I knew Deanna had some Native American blood in her, but found out on the day of the shoot that her grandmother was 100% Cherokee. Deanna has most likely been gifted, in whole or in part, with her grandmother’s cheekbones, stunning beauty and an amazing spirit. All of these are traits that were very helpful in illustrating this story on blush placement. Deanna, Tim and I have worked together over the span of a decade, and Tim and I agreed she looks better than ever!

For this shoot, we were charged with the tricky concept of taking a single beauty photograph and then illustrating where to put the blush based on that one image. I originally wanted to illustrate this with blush drawn in the shape of an arrow, but drawing on blush proved trickier than we had time or budget to resolve. For one, it limited us to a specific angle in order for it to “read,” and the drawing looked more like drawing and less like a useful illustration.

 Luckily, the shoot was collaborative and Tim suggested we shoot some beauty shots first and then play with the idea of how best to illustrate the concept. We agreed our time was best spent taking the perfect beauty shot and using that image and Tim’s creative Photoshop illustration to get our point across in post-production.

With the relief of just focusing on shooting beauty, we were able to get some amazing shots and enjoy a day of once again creating beautiful images with Deanna. Above is an inset shot of Tim and Deanna at the shoot.

The final image, also above, should leave no doubt we made the right choice! If you click on the image, it will take you to the article. We would like to thank Neill Whitlock for the use of his studio in a beautiful historic building in Dallas’ Oak Cliff neighborhood.

AuthorJeanna Doyle