Having learned about Abigail’s story through my friend Stanton’s Facebook post, I wanted to have Abigail’s inspiring story on Suite HOPE to share with our readers. It was an easy decision to have Stanton photograph Abigail and write the cover story. He had already been documenting it so beautifully through his talent with words and the lens. I was able to coordinate the trip to Seattle and spend time with friends working on images that I am very happy to be able to share now with you.

Watching Stanton shoot Abigail was like being in the presence of an artist with his muse. Abigail was so beautiful before she even stepped foot near the makeup chair, and the wardrobe was all her own. (True, she is a neuroscience major but the fashionistas have nothing on her.) I could not offer one change, or for that matter, any input on the shoot.  It was like I had invited myself to be a fly on the wall of a great love story that was unfolding before my eyes, and although it was to be documented for all to see there was a beautiful intimacy between them.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes pictures of that session for the cover story and the before and after section. We ended the shoot with all three of us giddy with excitement about what we had just participated in, and then went to the wonderful Bastille restaurant in Seattle’s Ballard area.  www.bastilleseattle.com

To read more about Abigail’s story from Stanton go to Lamanchablog.tumblr.com, to view more of his photography go to www.stantonjstephens.com, and to read what Abigail wrote to the family and friends of our readers, click on this Family & Friends.

AuthorJeanna Doyle