Drawing In Eyebrows

Drawing In Eyebrows

When choosing a model for the story on eyebrows, the first thing we needed was model with a beautiful face and good, strong eyebrows.  We wanted to illustrate a drawn eyebrow in a whimsical way while still giving the look of a beauty shot.  I turned to The Campbell Agency and fell in love with the images of Gabrielle. Peter John at The Campbell Agency agreed with our choice and said Gabrielle was so fabulous. We were thrilled to find out just how fabulous she was!

Excited to begin, we needed to figure out how to effectively showcase the idea of a beautiful eyebrow in one photograph.  I knew I wanted to use the color blue to illustrate the story. I wanted to keep the photography whimsical yet highlight the article’s subject. The trick was to tell the story without it looking comical. We also wanted a beautiful shot that could stand on its own without explanation. To do so, I called Tim Boole at Tim Boole Photography.

The day of the shoot, I met Gabrielle for the first time. We were both so excited about the story and the shoot. When I described to Gabrielle the shots would be used for Suite HOPE, she immediately said she worked for a non-profit organization close to her heart called Mothers Abandoned or Widowed and was working on a fundraising golfing event for its benefit. She is also newly wed and travels to the New York and LA markets working as a beauty and fitness model. I felt lucky to work with someone who not only works in an industry she loves but has time to dedicate hours to an organization about which she is passionate. A balancing act like that is not easy. She was so lovely to work with and was very focused on our shoot. It was clear watching her work that she was of a rare caliber of talent.

When I later began to edit the film from the shoot, there were hundreds of amazing shots. The rate of return in working with her was crazy in a great way! I have never had an editing session like it. Gabrielle changed things up. She was inventive and expressive, and she really gave so much of herself to this story. Above the results of the final shot as well insets from that day are pictured. The true meaning of teamwork could not be clearer than the shot of Gabrielle sitting on set holding up her own reflector – the same reflector on which we photographed the ladybug, which became our lucky little mascot that stayed with us the entire day.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Neill Whitlock, who graciously allowed us to use his beautiful studio, located in a great historical building in Oak Cliff. We hope you enjoy Gabrielle’s photos and accompanying story as much as we enjoyed shooting and writing it.