Take a closer look behind the scenes of “Choosing A Wig Color", which offers tips for choosing a wig color and features Model Chloe Hundelt and photography by Tim Boole.

Choosing a Wig Color

Choosing a Wig Color

Chloe's young life has already been touched by cancer, as her grandmother was recently diagnosed. We send our best to her family. Chloe's mom brought her to the shoot because Chloe is still in high school. Chloe's outrageous beauty had her dad (who picked her up) sighing, smiling and shaking his head when I showed him one of the photographs of his daughter looking very grown up.

Chloe moves with the grace and subtleties of a seasoned professional. Watching her work was like watching theater. Her instinctual abilities require almost no direction or feedback, but she took both very well when offered.

The wig was not easy to work with. Synthetic, it was hot, uncomfortable and required a lot of fussing. Chloe stayed calm and very professional throughout the shoot. It was great to work with her and quite honestly just to watch her move and bring this shot to life.


For this article, we wanted to play against type by choosing an unusual wig color and making an outrageous beauty shot with it. Light lavender became an obsession. Unable to find the exact color and style in one wig, it became necessary to purchase the color and create the rest. The inset photo shows the wig in its original state. We spent hours reworking the wig; however, true credit needs to be given to Chloe and Tim for truly bringing this vision to life. Chloe wore the wig beautifully. Tim's lighting techniques and outstanding post-production allowed our vision to become a reality.



We also extend our thanks to Peter John and The Campbell Agency. As always, the experience of working with both was a home run. To read the article, click on Features and look for "Choosing A Wig Color". Enjoy!