Texture. Webster defines it as the visual or tactile surface, characteristics and appearance of something.  

When talking about hair texture, the visual or tactile characteristics produce the ultimate appearance. Most women desire a smooth, workable texture that produces the look of healthy, shiny, manageable hair. With that being said, when choosing a wig, smooth, silky, shiny texture is not ideal. What we want most in a wig is believability. The goal is to achieve a color, style, texture, length and hairline that looks natural. 

To achieve this, the wig you select may or may not resemble your current hairstyle in cut, color, style, texture or length. Remember, the wig is a temporary tool and should be selected to make you look your best now at this time. For a believable look from your wig, we recommend you find something with a little extra texture. Although this can be achieved through styling, it is best to start with a wig that already has a bit of texture built into it. 

The front hairline and part on the wig can be the trickiest area to make believable. The ability to conceal the hairline and the part with the texture of the wig greatly increases the believability of the wig, thereby making the experience of wearing one a more confident one. 

When choosing a wig, look for one that not only has a little texture, but one that provides a believable hairline and part. Try to let go of any preconceived beliefs about hair texture and look for something that is not slick and straight. The best wigs have texture and layers, such as a little wave or curl. We want you to not only enjoy your wig, but to look great and feel confident when wearing one. Remember, it is temporary tool.