A Message From Our Oncology Nurse Education Consultant

Kathy Maddocks, RN, MSN, OCN
Kathy Maddocks, RN, MSN, OCN

Welcome to Suite HOPE! Whether you are a patient, a friend or family member who has a loved one with cancer, you will find Suite HOPE to be a unique and needed tool in your journey. The diagnosis of cancer is transformative - often patients can remember the exact moment they got their diagnosis. There can be a sharp division in their life before the diagnosis and their life after. Unfortunately, cancer can take a lot of things from you - and can drastically change your identity. Fortunately, you are way more than your diagnosis and there are tremendous tools available to help you cope with the "after." 

As an oncology nurse with more than 20 years of experience, I have seen how the diagnosis of cancer and its treatment can impact one's quality of life. I strongly believe in arming yourself in every way possible to effectively cope with this process. Thankfully, there are talented and knowledgeable individuals who are committed to helping you! Of course, the members of your healthcare team are experts in treating cancer and mitigating the serious physical side effects. And now with Suite HOPE, you have access to empower yourself on how to address some of those changes in your appearance - including hair loss and skin changes. 

So, wherever you are in your journey - just d

iagnosed, undergoing treatment, or completed treatment - the tools that Suite HOPE can provide you are so valuable to help you regain your identity as a powerful and vibrant woman. I wish you all the best, and I know that the knowledge you gain from Suite HOPE will be a valuable and effective resource!


Kathy Maddocks, RN, MSN, OCN

Oncology Nurse Consultant