Profound words from a cancer patient translated into 8 additional languages. Read this beautiful message, providing unique insight into a cancer diagnosis. Share and follow this global initiative.

A message from Abigail was written for Suite HOPE as an open letter to express to the family and friends of loved ones the experience of being diagnosed with cancer. We lost Abigail, but her beautiful words live on. 

Since Abigail's passing her message, now part of the Translating HOPE initiative, has been translated into 8 other languages to unite people all over the world through her unique ability to express her self. Please take a moment to read Abigail's profoundly beautiful thoughts on being diagnosed and share a language to help the initiative, Translating HOPE.

The languages are as follows in alphabetical order. Click on the language to go to that translation: 

English - Original Letter









All translations have been donated to Suite HOPE for Translating HOPE. 


I would like to thank everybody who has participated in this initiative, whether you have translated a language, helped spread Abigail’s message, or just took the time to read this message. With special thanks to Morag Currin of Oncology Trainings International.

This message was written by Abigail for a section of Suite HOPE, called Family & Friends, as an open letter from a survivor to the family and friends of a loved one. Her message helps to gain some perspective on what their loved one is going through.

Here is some context to this project. I received a request from Morag Currin, the founder of Oncology Trainings International, to help a graduate of her oncology estheticians program, Hanah Tetro. Hanah had recently moved to Israel and wanted to have some of the articles from 

Suite HOPE translated into Hebrew to help the women of Israel. I looked to friend Shelia Brand for help with the translations. Sheila introduced me to Hannah Delagi, a student of the Yavneh academy. Hannah enlisted the help of her fellow student Hadas Cohen, who would give the first translation into the Hebrew language.

Abigail was feeling well and responding to treatment when I shared with her that I was having her message translated into Hebrew to help the women of Israel. These are her words in an email reply: 

“O my goodness!! Not only how wonderful to hear from you but how fantastic!!! It's so uplifting to be a part of this and to give back. I thank you from my heart for being the catalyst for a wonderful change in so many peoples lives (including my own). 

I love the title "translating hope"!!

Much much love,


With the sudden loss of Abigail I posted her words as a tribute on Facebook and received over 6500 hits. I once again turned to Morag Currin and her international group of oncology estheticians. I sent a request through Morag to have additional translations to go with the Hebrew provided by Hadas Cohen. Within two days, I had confirmation that 7 additional languages would follow the English original and the initial Hebrew.

Individual translating credits are in alphabetical order as follows...

Dutch translation provided by Annemarie Puppe, OE

French translation provided by Jennifer Brodeur’s Team, at Maxled Technologies 

German translation provided by Anja Bruder, OE with Elements of Life

Hebrew translation provided by Hadas Cohen, student of The Yavneh Academy

Hebrew editing and technical assistance by Ariel Tetro

Italian translation provided by Angela Noviello, Direttore Divisione Estetica “Milano Estetica” Italian, Director for OTI

Japanese translations provide by Chika Nagai, OE; in partnership with sister, Maki Nagai, Art director of linguistics

Portuguese translation provided by Wendei Smith OE

Spanish translation provided by Laura Villalobos through Becky Kuehn, OE, US Director and National, Educator for OTI